NATO air strikes for Afghan security forces must end: Karzai-china bearings export center NSK SKF NTN TIMKEN FAG INA  


NATO air strikes for Afghan security forces must end: Karzai
NATO air strikes from requirements residential area, to help their business, Afghan security forces will be banned, President hamid karzai said, on Saturday, after three days, ten civilians, such attack in the eastern part of the country.
NATO air strikes and civilian casualties, hamid karzai and his supporters of the relationship between the international has become a important pressure point. This is a question that may further shake a unstable international retreat, until the end of 2014, the finish.
In Kabul, the country's military college held a meeting, hamid karzai said he to the strike of anger, and say, he will be on Sunday issued a decree, prevent any take such measures, his troops.
"Karzai said:" tomorrow, I will issue a decree pointed out that the Afghan troops in any conditions may require foreign air operation process to Afghanistan family or Afghanistan village, more than 1000 personnel, commandos and students.
If this law come on stage, will be the first time column Afghan security forces in NATO air strikes rely on, and increase their pressure, they more and more international forces to take safety control.
NATO and its partners are a little at a time clock, training the Afghan security forces 350000 strong, but the question remains, how they are afghans will be able to solve in the face of increasing violence rebellion.
On Wednesday, - in the eastern kunar province, Afghan and U.S. forces against the taliban militants and "base" organization in the operating process requirements - NATO air strike hit the two sets of house, in a village in the Shultan valley.
Strike ten people were killed, including five children and four women. Four taliban fighters, "base" organization have a contact, according to Afghan officials, was also killed.
The key to a crucial strike
Foreign air power is very important, especially for the Afghan troops in kunar and Indian embassy, all covered with forests and rugged terrain, the ground operation difficulties, etc.
New stern and kunar province and Pakistan illegal field, are called foreign militants and "base" organization members also has a long-term, porous border.
Hamid karzai said, he had already been told, request the Afghanistan spy agency, the national security agency (NDS).
"If this is true, it is a pity, this is very shameful, how can they require foreigners sent aircraft bombed our own house?" He said.
According to the kunar province official death militants were identified as the leader of the Pakistani citizen and named after the RocketI. The second was determined as a taliban commander called Shahpour.
NATO's international security assistance force (ISAF) spokesman said there is any comment on any a President of the law, until it is practical issue.
In the last 6 months, death and civilians in the NATO air strikes in the eastern part of the country, the international security assistance force commander general John Allen instruction, limiting its use to insurgents "in civilian house".
Wednesday's bombings, the international security assistance force commander, Joseph DengFuDe in a meeting, hamid karzai stressed that 2012 Allen's instructions, said don't happen again such an attack.
Hamid karzai and his foreign supporters of tension between the has gone up, because his opinion on October the United States and its Allies should be focused on in Pakistan and supporter of terrorism, they stop fighting the war in Afghanistan in the village.
International security assistance force said, they have to reduce civilian casualties, in recent years, such as the taliban insurgents 84% now, all these deaths and injuries.

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